REN of FAY Brows


REN of FAY cream and powder based brow sets enables you to define your eye brows in a clean and well defined way with a natural look.

Your brows will look more dense and yet natural even in the most humid and hot conditions.

Brow Palette

An all in one brow beauty set with 4 shades of brow powder and stabilizer wax. Use the very thin brow brush define your brows with perfection and use the spoolie to event out and keep them neat.

  • Composed of 4 most common brow shades that goes perfect with your day &night make up. Use spearately or blend them.
  • When you make slight changes in your hair color, you still can catch the perfection.
  • Brow brush and spoolie are must make up pieces.



Brow Fixer

Tames and bulks your brows with a natural look. Brows are more dense and thicker with its micro fibres in the formula.

  • It is water resistant, humidity and sweat would not ruin your look.
  • Your brows will look fuller with an emphasis to its shape.
  • Comes in tinted and clear colors.


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